Chiropractic Testimonials

“When I came to the doctor after a fall and back injury, I was in severe pain. After a couple of adjustments and therapy I feel 100% today. I used to think I would never go to a chiropractic doctor, but this has really changed my life and the way I live through the treatment and the care that I received at this office. I would recommend Dr. Blueter and his staff to anyone.”

– Donna M.

“Pain in my shoulder and neck was getting the best of me. Conventional physical therapy helped some but did not alleviate any of the nagging pain. I was definitely more crabby because of it. I found Dr. Blueter on my BCBS list and the office is close to home (I know now I would drive any distance to come here). I have been taught ways to decrease symptoms, pain and further injury. I can say that my arm movement (which was once ‘frozen’) is moving more freely and with little or no pain. I still have work to do but know I will be successful in getting my shoulders and neck to its normal function. I have stopped taking ‘Aleve’ for the most part and rely on the correct exercise to set myself back to the comfort. Thank you George and Bill for being so thorough, thoughtful and for taking such good care of me.”

– Diane S.

“Before I saw Dr. Blueter I had back pain daily for 8 years. I am 22 now so I thought I was too young to have back pain. My mom told me about how Dr. Blueter was helping her and I was skeptical at first. But once I met him and his staff and their dedication to their patients, I knew I was in the right place. Now I can go days without pain and my pain has reduced 95%!! I feel 100% better. For anyone who believes a chiropractic visit cannot help, take it from a skeptic – it really works!!”

– Faith Z.

“I had neck and lower back pain off and on during the day. After a month of treatment 2 times a week it is gone, along with the stiffness in my lower back. I have more flexibility and feel great. Dr. Blueter came recommended to me by a friend. The location is easy to get to and the doctor is positive, outgoing and sincerely interested in his patients. I will come back in the future and recommend him to my friends and husband.”

– Virginia B.

“After the accident my back was pretty messed up. I suggested to everyone I should go see a chiropractor. Everyone said it was a bad idea. My grandma on the other hand told me to go see her chiropractor, Dr. Blueter. So I decided what do I got to lose? Wow! Within two visits my pain went down so dramatically and Dr. Blueter was do nice and seemed to care about me as a person. I would recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic.”

– Jason H.

“I am very pleased with the care I have received. With Dr. Blueter’s help I have gained back my mobility and lost much of the pain. I was hit from behind in my car accident and was in considerable amount of pain. Dr. Blueter has aligned me back to normal. He has also educated me on how to maintain spinal health. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

– Todd N.

“My neck was stiff and sore before I started my chiropractic care. I now have a much more relaxed feeling in my neck area. The exercises Dr. Blueter gave me to do have helped a lot too. I would recommend this treatment to my family and friends.”

– Karen P.

“Dr. Blueter is kind, compassionate, caring and he listens! I have never met any medical staff more willing to help and work with you than this office. I have recommended many friends and colleagues here.”

– Rhonda

“I wish Dr. Blueter could be my doctor for everything! He’s truly compassionate and cares about his patients! And I can’t say enough good things about his staff! They’re all so polite and prompt with everything!”

– Mercedes

“Dr. Blueter always explains what he is doing and is going to do to help get you back on the road to recovery. Very informative and caring. Thank you!!”

– Debra

“I have absolutely no complaints – only praise for all involved at the office.”

– Deena


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