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Eat less, move more, take a drug - talk about dramatically oversimplifying the solution. Sadly, mainstream medicine in combination with the $72 Billion weight loss and diet market in the U.S. has brainwashed the public into thinking that diet fads, drinks, pills, supplements, fitness gadgets, etc., etc. are going to get you slimmed down. Hmmm, yet obesity rates continue to skyrocket. Let's talk more about this.



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    Research shows you can't out-exercise a bad diet. But it's calories in and calories out, so shouldn't counting calories drop the pounds off? Not necessarily. The simple explanation being that 400 calories of chips behave very differently within our bodies than 400 calories of broccoli. Our weight is not simply the sum of the number of calories we eat minus the number of calories we burn; there is also a very complex array of hormonal pathways and sophisticated biochemical interactions at play. The calories measured in food are not the same as calories at work in our bodies. In functional medicine, we look at the biochemical reactions as they correlate with the metabolism of food into energy.


    Obesity is a chronic illness with vast and potentially deadly consequences, yet conventional medicine struggles with how to treat this condition. The usual course of treatment may be a medication, dangerous weight loss surgery, or generic nutritional advice that is meaningless without knowing detailed metabolic, hormonal, environmental, and other factors about the person.


Whether you want to reverse your obesity or just struggle with mild weight gain year after year that won't come off no matter how hard you try, come talk to us. At Ravenna Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we spend a lot of time investigating each patient's unique situation and recommend an action plan that is achievable and long-lasting for each patient.

As specialists and experts in nutrition, fad diets drive us functional medicine practitioners bonkers. They can be dangerous when there is a real lack of information. When one person watches their friend have initial success, they ask what they are doing and take to the internet to search for details. Unfortunately, the details usually end up being very high level and they start following a CliffsNotes version.

Take for example the Keto diet. It was the number one health topic searched on Google in 2018. While I am not an advocate for long-term use of a Keto diet, I have a word of caution for those being true to Keto - you might not be getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals. A very low carb diet for an extended time may cause the beneficial bacteria in your gut to starve and die from lack of resistant starch and fiber. Good gut health is highly important and strongly correlated with improved health, digestion, weight-loss, and better moods. If you are currently on Keto now and reading this, please don't be afraid of eating vegetables, berries, or other fruit just because of the carbs they contain. Keep in mind that net carbs are total carbohydrates in the food minus the fiber. So the fiber amount doesn't count toward your daily carb intake. And be sure you get plenty of probiotics and prebiotic fiber to ensure your gut health improves.

One of the most common results that nearly all of our patients (no matter the reason they come to us) have is weight loss. How is this? Because weight gain is a symptom of many conditions so as we reverse those issues, the body heals and can begin to change. We get to the root cause of your issue(s) and basically take out the bad and replace it with the good.

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At Ravenna Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we don't just help "sick" people. If you are already feeling pretty good but want to enhance your health or boost your fitness, we can work together to break down any barriers (big or small) that are in your way of getting to the next level. We assess your overall health; then recommend proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, supplements when necessary, and provide personalized exercise regimes based on your needs. We aren't cookie-cutter; we listen to your goals and work together as you achieve them.

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    • A college athlete looking to gain that extra 5% in performance that becomes the difference of winning and losing.
    • Couples come to us to ensure they are achieving their best health before they attempt to start to conceive.
    • A spouse watches how their significant other's health transforms and wants to make some tweaks to make the most of their life together.
    • Recent retirees want to make the most of being able to be active and enjoy their retirement days so they come in to discover some tips to age gracefully and learn modifications to increase their chances at making the most of retirement.

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